Counter Punch
Jul 2016
Driven into the desert, Daesh (ISIS) barbarity still haunts Palmyra
ISIS (Daesh) is gone from Palmyra except for some possible sleeper cells. Their approximately 1,500 fighters who occupied Palmyra for nearly ten months reportedly split roughly into thirds on March 27 2016 after being driven out by Syrian army assaults and Russian airstrikes. This according the...
Dec 2016
Aleppo Update: An Inspiring Return to the Oft-Bombed National Museum
National Museum, Aleppo 7 Dec 2016 – Of Syria’s 28 museums, the one that holds the record to date for being the most targeted by rebel bombs, mortars, and snipers is probably the National Museum, not fare from the Old City near the frontline in ancient Aleppo. The Aleppo National Museum, which was...
Counter Punch
Mar 2016
Syria’s Truce Bodes Well for Salvaging our Cultural Heritage
The tentative cessation of hostilities in Syria, which came into effect on 2/28/2016, brokered by Washington and Moscow, is only in its second week. The sides have agreed to an initial cease-fire of two weeks with an extension if it works. The AL-Assad government has announced that it would...